I want to help you create an Awesome Artist Website!


As an artist myself, I know how dedicated you are to your work.

You want to invest your time, money and energy in your art, NOT your website. However, a website is essential for getting your work seen and making sales. I created Awesome Artist Websites to help you get the website you deserve!

AJ by Christopher Tsongas, Graphite on Paper

AJ by Christopher Tsongas, Graphite on Paper

More About Christopher Tsongas

To develop my skills as an artist, I've studied drawing, sculpting, and artistic anatomy in two of the world's best classical training programs, The Florence Academy Of Art and Gage Academy of Art. I know firsthand the level of focus required to be an artist, and I want your website to support your work not distract you from it.

I enjoy breaking down complex tasks into a progression of action steps that anyone can follow. That means if you can use a web browser, I can teach you how to set up and maintain your own website on Squarespace. Building a website can be enjoyable and fulfilling if you have clear direction and the right tools for the job!

3 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Artists

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