How to Use Gmail with Squarespace

Gmail is the most popular email service provider, with 67.28% market share according to Datanyze. So, you should use Gmail because using the same platform as the majority of your contacts will help make sure emails you send make it to the recipient’s inbox rather than ending up in their spam folder.

You might already have a free Gmail account, something like Using Gmail to set up an email address at your own domain, meaning, appears more professional and gives you access to other great Google G Suite tools such as Drive which you can use for storing photos of your artwork securely in the cloud.

If you already have Gmail at your own domain, you can connect your domain to Squarespace for your website while continuing to use your existing Gmail account. Just follow these instructions for connecting your domain to Squarespace

If you need Gmail for your domain, I recommend first transferring your domain to Squarespace by following these instructions Once that’s done, follow these instructions to purchase G Suite (which includes Gmail) through Squarespace Transferring your domain to Squarespace, and purchasing G Suite through Squarespace, lets you manage your domain and email from the same place that you manage your website. You also get support from Squarespace, which is much easier to access than support from Google.


Conclusion: Use Gmail with Squarespace!

Using an email address at your own domain makes you appear more credible, and using Gmail helps ensure your emails get delivered. Purchasing G Suite through Squarespace is the easiest way to set up new email service.

Chris Tsongas