Why Artists Should Use Squarespace

Have you ever wondered about the best way to create an artist portfolio or ecommerce website?

I’d like to describe three of the biggest problems artists encounter when using WordPress to create a website, and why in each case Squarespace is a better choice. No, I don’t work for Squarespace or own stock in the company. However, I like anything that lets artists spend more time making art and less time dealing with technology!


Problem #1: WordPress is not secure

In spite of its popularity, WordPress lacks even the most basic security features that are standard best practices for online software. Because if this, WordPress is a prime target for hackers who use automated software to attack and take control of WordPress sites.

If you want your WordPress site to be reasonably secure, you must choose a WordPress host that keeps WordPress up to date automatically, plus you need to use one or more properly configured WordPress security plugins.

The question is, which host and which plugins? There are hundreds of companies that host WordPress sites, and not all of them keep WordPress up to date automatically. I also just did a Google search for “WordPress security plugin” and got 11.4 million results!

If you use Squarespace to create a website, you don’t have to worry about hosting, security features, or security updates, because those are included with their service. Just choose a Squarespace account password that would be difficult to guess and your site is secure!


Problem #2: WordPress is not reliable

WordPress not only needs one or more plugins to be secure, it also needs a theme for designing your site, and additional plugins for things like a contact form and search engine visibility.

Unfortunately, not all WordPress themes and plugins are compatible with each other. Worse yet, themes and plugins that are compatible now might not be compatible when they get updated, and updates are mandatory if you want your WordPress site to be secure.

So, even a secure WordPress site is a house of cards that can break due to incompatibilities between software from different sources. This is not a problem with Squarespace because their platform is “software as a service” that is supplied by just one company.


Problem #3: WordPress is not easy

WordPress was originally built as a specialized tool for publishing a blog, not creating an entire website. Eventually it was adapted for publishing entire sites, but it still lacks basic functionality like a visual interface for laying out pages. That functionality comes from WordPress themes, frameworks or page builders. This cobbled-together approach means WordPress has a disjointed management interface that is more difficult to use than Squarespace, which was built from the start as a complete solution for creating websites.

Choosing a WordPress theme is its own challenge. There are thousands of themes, and several different competing theme frameworks and visual page builders to help them work. So, learning how to use WordPress means not just learning how to use WordPress itself, but also whatever theme you choose plus any theme framework and page builder that goes with it.

Compare that with Squarespace, which offers many different templates to let you choose the design for your site. While the functionality of a template can vary somewhat depending on the template family, all templates use the same intuitive Squarespace website management interface.


Conclusion: Artists should use Squarespace!

Creating a website can present challenges when it comes to security, reliability, and ease of use, but using Squarespace will minimize those challenges so you can spend less time dealing with technology, and more time making art!

Chris Tsongas