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If you're an artist like me, you want to invest your time and money in your artwork, not your website. Yet you know you need a website to help promote your work and make sales. Even with 18 years of experience as a professional web developer, I struggled to find an easy way to create my own artist website.

First, there are so many options available for how to create a website, including, a self-hosted WordPress site, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly. How do you know which platform is right for you? Then, once you choose a platform, will you be able to learn how to use it? Will the results be worth it?


    I found the answer to these questions when I started using Squarespace professionally to build websites for clients. Squarespace made building websites fun again! It helps me deliver websites that look amazing and are intuitive to navigate on all types of devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

    Yet for someone who is not a professional web developer, the many steps involved in creating a website on Squarespace can be a challenge. So, I've created two solutions to help you create a website that will look amazing, work well on all types of computers and mobile devices, and be super easy to maintain.

    Course Modules



    • How to open a Squarespace account, including selecting a template, account level and payment plan
    • How to register a new domain name, or connect an existing domain name to Squarespace
    • Where to enter information Squarespace needs to optimize your site for Google search results
    • How to set up a contact form and add optional links to your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram


    • How to add pages to your site and set up the primary navigation menu
    • Where to copy and paste the provided code snippets to create a category navigation menu and other custom enhancements
    • How to prepare photos of your work to look their best before uploading them to Squarespace
    • How to use the Squarespace editor to add text and photos to your site


    • Where to upload the provided design settings file to automatically style your website
    • How to configure different font styling options for your name and the main navigation menu in the website header
    • How to set up different layout options for your home page, including featured photos or a slideshow
    • How to check your site to make sure it looks amazing on all types of devices including computers, tablets and smartphones

    Module 4: Launch

    • Which Squarespace settings you should double-check before launching your website
    • How to launch your new website, including switching your domain from any old website


    Course Bonus Lessons

    BONUS #1

    How to set up and use a Gmail email address at your own domain

    BONUS #2

    How to add a MailChimp newsletter subscription form to your site

    BONUS #3

    How to use a free MailChimp account to send an email newsletter


    Awesome Artist Websites Custom Build Service

    When you purchase the Custom Build Service, Awesome Artist Websites handles all aspects of creating your website, including:

    • Setting up your Squarespace account
    • Registering and connecting your domain
    • Preparing and uploading images of your work
    • Creating a design that compliment your work
    • Connecting contact and email newsletter forms
    • Search engine optimization of your website
    • Transitioning from any pre-existing website

    You will need to supply:

    • Payment information for Squarespace
    • Photographs of your artwork
    • A bio, resume and/or artist statement
    • Feedback on the design of your website

    After you purchase the custom build service, you receive a link to schedule a phone call with Awesome Artist Websites to kick off the development of your website. The website will be delivered within two weeks of when you submit photographs of your work and other information to be included on the website.

    Once your website is launched, you receive training on how to update your website so you can post new work, update content, and make announcements without having to hire professional help. The custom build service includes 30 days of post-launch technical support from Awesome Artist Websites. Squarespace provides excellent 24x7 technical support to all their customers, another reason we use Squarespace!



    Create Your Own
    Awesome Artist Website

    • This online course walks you step-by-step through every detail of using Squarespace to create a website.
    • Includes bonus modules that show you how to use Gmail at your own domain, and send MailChimp newsletters!
    • Requires a Squarespace account that costs $26 per month if billed monthly, or $216 per year if billed annually.

    Price through April 30th, 2018:


    Awesome Artist Websites
    Custom Build Service

    • Hire a team of professionals to build a website custom tailored to your particular audience and style of work.
    • This done-for-you service includes all aspects of creating your website, plus training so you can update it yourself.
    • Requires a Squarespace account that costs $26 per month if billed monthly, or $216 per year if billed annually.

    Price through April 30th, 2018:



    Meet Christopher Tsongas

    Christopher Tsongas has been a professional website developer for 18 years, and is a code school instructor for Thinkful, the #1 rated coding bootcamp on Course Report. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Willamette University, and an M.F.A. in Film, Video and Computer Animation from the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

    Christopher has studied drawing, sculpting, and artistic anatomy in two of the world's best classical training programs, The Florence Academy of Art and Gage Academy of Art.

    Who should have an Awesome Artist Website?


    The Student

    You're attending art school and want to be ready to start promoting your work when you graduate.


    The Hobbyist

    You make art for enjoyment and would like to share it with a wider audience or promote shows.


    The Professional

    You apply for grants, get commissions, sell through art galleries, and promote openings.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    When does the Create Your Own Awesome Artist Website course start?

    The course is currently available for purchase at a pre-sale discount, and the course modules will be released starting December 1st, 2017.


    How long does the course take to complete?

    Plan on spending about 8 hours working through the course at your own pace. Preparing photos of your artwork and writing content for your About page will also take some time.


    Is Squarespace included in the cost of the course or custom build service?

    No, you will get your own Squarespace account which costs $16 per month, or $144 per year if paid annually.


    Can I use any Squarespace template for my website?

    Your website will use the Foster template. It is part of the Brine family of templates that is being actively developed by Squarespace, so it receives new features as they are developed as well as bug fixes.


    How can I customize my website?

    The Create Your Own Awesome Artist Website course gives you options for font styling and different home page layouts. 


    Will my website work on mobile devices?

    Yes, your website will be fully responsive so it looks amazing and is easy to use on tablets and smartphones, as well as laptops and desktop computers.


    How do I get technical support for my website?

    Squarespace provides 24x7 technical support to all their customers. In addition, students enrolled in Create Your Own Awesome Artist Website get access to an exclusive online forum for helping each other work through any challenges encountered during the course, and Custom Build Service customers get 30 days of post-launch technical support from Awesome Artist Websites.


    Have a question not answered above?

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    Awesome Artist Website Case Study

    Zoey Frank is a classically trained painter currently living in Boulder, Colorado. She already had a website, but needed a new site with a clean, modern esthetic that would complement her style and work well on all types of devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. The new site is also easy for her to update on her own, without the help of a designer. To see Zoey's Awesome Artist Website, visit